Sedona – The New Mountain Bikers’ Heaven

Author: Antoniya Zorluer
| March 9, 2016
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A week ago, the adventurer’s online hub Outside published the results of their recent experience on the riding trails of Sedona. We are very honored to hear that Sedona has been proclaimed “the New Mountain Bike Mecca” by an authority that sets the rules on the mountain biking scene.

The beautiful scenery and breath-taking colors of Sedona were a surprise to the mountain bikers who proclaimed Sedona “one of the finest riding destinations in the country”.

What took you so long?

Sedona has been one of the favourite choices for mountain bikers in the past few years. The destination has been made quite popular by the Annual Mountain Bike Festival that takes place every year in spring time.

The guys from Outside confirmed that the trail testing in Sedona has been the best they’ve experienced in the last 11 years!

They discovered something that Sedona locals have known for a long time – the range of experiences Sedona offers. For mountain bikers, this means a variety of trails, red-rock desert riding, twists and turns, dusty single track, rollercoaster ups and downs, and sandstone step-ups and step-downs.

The diversity makes Sedona a great entertainment for beginner mountain bikers as well, because even the easiest tracks aren’t boring.

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Mountain bikers also loved the fact that riding trails are so close by the city of Sedona, that you practically don’t need to drive to get there. The 239 miles of mountain bike trails are well mapped and signed so that bikers can enjoy a safe and undisturbed experience.

We’re so glad that the article ends with one aspect of Sedona we find very dear to us – the attitude of the city towards mountain bikers and people as a whole. Yes, Sedona loves bikers and is trying to show it in every way, from an annual festival to making sure that they have an unforgettable experience from their first trail. It’s really fun and a great pleasure to be part of this community!

People just start to realize what a heaven Sedona is for mountain biking, something we’ve known for a while now. We’re working together with the community and tourists to keep the natural environment as preserved as possible so everyone can enjoy the beauty of Sedona for years to come.

If you love mountain biking, you’ll find that Sedona is great for any level of experience, all year round. However, the summer is quite hot and the best time to endure Sedona at its best, is from October through the end of April.

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