Wonderful location, hosts, and accommodations

Author: Antoniya Zorluer
| June 30, 2010
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Everything about our trip to Sedona was great, starting with our arrival to the suite and being greeted by Ken, who gave us all sorts of good information about the area – short hikes, places to eat, and places to go on our day trips (70% of which we used, 30% of which we would have loved to, but we got worn out from all the adventure seeking). He was a big help in weeding out the best places to go, as was a drawer full of brochures, magazines, etc. from the area. The drive back to this location is stunning. As we were driving down to it, my wife says ‘We’re staying HERE?,’ because as we kept getting closer and closer the landscape got better and better. I think it’s as scenic as the Grand Canyon was, maybe even more so. The suite itself (the Pyramid Suite) was wonderful too – being Easterners, we had no problem being up to watch the sunrise hitting Pyramid Rock over coffee. Totally worth it. Although I think Cathedral Rock is the prettier view of the two, you can get a good view of that one from the entranceway anyway. I’d do it again. I think this is the reason people come to Sedona, and I think this particular location is a traveler’s dream… as long as you’re looking to relax out in the woods, and not necessarily be in the touristy and busier section of town.


Antoniya Zorluer

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