Highly recommend

Author: Antoniya Zorluer
| August 14, 2018
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This was a wonderful location. By the end of day 2 in Sedona I felt like a local and that we knew were everything was. Ken and Heather had wonderful recommendations. We wanted to make sure we saw every sunrise and sunset. Set your alarm for 4:15 am and go hike Doe Mountain for sunrise. It will be worth it. Sugarloaf summit would be great for sunrise or sunset. We hiked it for sunset. Devil’s bridge was a highlight of our trip. Picazzos Italian restaurant was amazing. If you love Chinese you will be surprised that Szechuan is one of the best Chinese restaurants I have ever eaten at. Everything about this trip was amazing. Ken and Heather really gave us a 5 star experience. I am pleased and would recommend their place to anyone.


Antoniya Zorluer

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