Author: Antoniya Zorluer
| August 12, 2016
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I’m a fussy broad. I’ve been renting vacation rentals for over 20 years, and a few years ago I wrote that a property in Oregon was the best place I ever stayed.

Now this is the best place I’ve ever rented, hands down. It’s a tick above the previous best because every stick of furniture is so darned comfortable, I just wanted to lay around, or sit and read. This means something big coming from someone recovering from a back and neck injury. If it weren’t so pretty there, I would have been a complete couch potato for days.

Ken is the best host I’ve ever met. Usually I prefer to be left alone and read instructions, but Ken’s tour of things was welcome and enjoyable.

Only one problem for you as I see it, if I want to be there when you want to be there, you have to promise I win.


Antoniya Zorluer

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