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Casual restaurants we recommend in Sedona:

  • Creekside (Hwy 179 in Sedona) Great Happy Hour! Delicious food!
  • Picazzo’s – (89Z in West Sedona) Gluten Free & Organic Salads, Pizza and Pasta
  • Chocolatree Organic Eatery (89A in West Sedona) Raw & Vegan & Delicious
  • Indian Palace  (89A in West Sedona)
  • Elote Cafe -Gourmet Mexican food (Off of 179 in Sedona) Worth the wait – not open on Sunday and Monday… Get in line by 4:45 to eat before 7:30. If you prefer eating later, you can get a table if you just walk in.
  • Pisa Lisa (89A in West Sedona) Delicious wood-fired pizza
  • Reds (89A in West Sedona) Great happy hour tapas in the Sedona Rouge Hotel

And in the Village, south of Sedona: Dara Thai (179 in the Village of Oak Creek)

And fancier restaurants we enjoy:

In the Village of Oak Creek, south of Sedona Cucina Rustica is great on the same side as the Hilton.

In the city of Sedona check out:

Mariposa – Sedona’s newest restaurant with great views from their dining room or patio. Worth it!

Rene’s – in Tlaquepaque pretty pricey though elegant – lunch on the patio, dinner inside.

Dahl & DiLuca Italian food in West Sedona, you’ll need reservations – romantic with piano music – everyone loves it!

And Sedona Rouge’s restaurant, Reds, it has a great lounge with live music – good food and wine in West Sedona.

For Breakfast, treat yourself to the best buffet breakfast at L’Auberge by the creek on Sunday.

And if you want the beautiful sunset experiences, visit Enchantment Resort or Mariposa Restaurant and enjoy refreshments or a meal on their spectacular patio.

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